10 Reasons Your Cat Deserves a Delightibles Gourmet Cat Treat  

460743963 (1)It is very easy to find a reason to give your cherished kitty fur babies a treat. Chances are they give you over 100 reasons throughout the day. They are, after all, the greatest gift to all humankind.

Just the same, I thought it best to remind you of the top reasons to give your cats some gourmet cat treats.

So here are the ten most obvious reasons your cats, like me, deserve a treat.

Reasons Cats Should Get a Gourmet Cat Treat


Cats Are Beautiful

I mean, hello. My name is Bella. No other explanation needed. I deserve a treat because I am Bella! So do all cats actually. Even the ones with odd names like Max or Margie are pretty, and pretty cats deserve cat treats.

You Love Us

If for no other reason, make it this one. We deserve a delicious, yummy treat because you love us so much. You love me; you really love me. Puppy Love? More like Kitty Love!

We Take Personal Hygiene Very Seriously

cat washing himself


Here is someone who obsessively baths multiple times a day…without anyone asking us to do so! We are clean! We are so clean we can crawl all over your dinner table, and it is perfectly ok!

We may not make the world go round…

…but we sure make the ride worthwhile. Seriously, what kind of world would it be without kitty cats? A boring one that’s for sure! We make the sunshine on a rainy day. We make days a little sweeter! We…you get the idea.

Having Us in Your Family Makes You Healthier and Smarter

487748999 (1)It is true! We make you smarter and healthier. Studies have shown that owning a precious fur baby reduces stress so much that it can lower your chances of having a heart attack by 40%. Another study also found that cat owners are smarter than dog owners. We don’t need any study to know this, we know we make you smarter just by being around you.

We Entertain—We Don’t Need to be Entertained

How annoying would it be if you had to entertain us every day? Well, we are more advanced than that. We have evolved past needy. And, we entertain just by being our fabulous selves. So we entertain and yet we don’t need to be entertained…sounds like a good reason to give us some treats if you ask me.

Our Voices = Pleasant Volume


We don’t bark. We never squawk. A meow is always a pleasant pitch, and the rare hiss is nothing more than a soft gentle shove rather than an outright assault. What’s even better? Our constant purr is soothing music to anyone’s ears.

We Are More Like You Than the Barking Inhabitants of the House

We have identical regions in our brains to you—the regions responsible for emotions.  Clearly this makes us way more similar to each other than you are with dogs. Of course, I am sure we share other similarities, such as IQ points and emotional intelligence. Basically, cats and humans are the same.

We Keep it Real  


I know sometimes it is cool that the barking occupants of the house agree with you no matter what, and think everything you do (seriously everything) is the greatest thing you have ever done since the invention of bacon (which they think you invented). Your feline companions, on the other hand—we keep it real. We keep your ego in check. And, wouldn’t you rather know when you do something wrong? For that, we should get a treat.

We Love You

We really do. Above all else, do you know why cats deserve delicious kitty treats? Because, no matter what, and no matter what happens, we always and unconditionally love you. Even our weird cat behavior proves that we love you. Awwwwww


What are you waiting for? Go give your kitties some cat treats they deserve!