5 Favorite Disney Cats and Why We Love Them

We have not done an official count, but we are pretty sure there have been just as many Disney Cats throughout the years as there are Disney Mice. There have been many, and whether a hero or a villain, house cat or wild animal, everyone has a favorite cat from the world of Disney.

In fact, there are so many feline favorites throughout Disney’s history, that we cannot just pick one favorite. We can’t even pick 10! So we are going to start with our top five Disney Cats and return with the top 10…and top 20, top 30…oh, who are we kidding—we love them all!
Here are five of the best cats in Disney movies.

Cheshire Cat, Alice in Wonderland

disney cats cheshire cat

Sometimes helpful and sometimes not. Sometime’s he is there and sometimes he is vanishes. So basically the Cheshire cat is like most cats—mischievous, independent, and a bit of a trickster. Between his cryptic pronouncements and infamous grin, he remains one of the most beloved cats in all of Disney history.

Lucifer, Cinderella

disney cats lucifer

Cinderella’s spoiled step-cat is the feline you love to hate. Even though Lucifer enjoys making Cinderella’s life miserable and even tries to eat her mice pals on occasion, there is something endearing about his devil-may-care attitude. 

Simba, The Lion King

disney cats simba
It is hard to pick just one of our favorite cats from The Lion King, the history-making movie that remains one of Disney’s best. Between Mufasa’s emotional scenes (don’t cry), Scar’s performance as a perfect villain, and Nala’s strong mind coupled with a loving heart, the award could go to all of them. However, it is Simba that truly steals the show—both as a fun-loving cub working on his roar and as a grown up finding the courage to save the pride lands and retake the throne. Simba (whose name means “lion” in Swahili) continues to delight both kids and adults as much today as he did when the world first met our favorite lion.

Bagheera, The Jungle Book

Delightibles Disney Cats Bagheera-The-Jungle-Book

This kind and brave black panther may be a bit uptight, but he is a fierce and honorable protector to the little man-cub Mowgli. What makes us love him even more? By the end of The Jungle Book, based on the Rudyard Kipling classic, Bagheera manages to loosen up and retain is protective appeal.

Oliver, Oliver and Company 

disney cats oliver and company

In this modern-day take on Dickens’s “Oliver Twist,” Oliver is now an orphaned orange kitten in Manhattan. After finding a home with the lonely rich girl Jenny, he is forced to take on the big city and rescue a few canine friends from the evil Skyes. Oliver proves himself brave, loyal, and capable of handling the streets of New York. But the entire song and dance extravaganza where Oliver (Joey Lawrence) performs with Dodger (Billy Joel) is what really wins our hearts. Dare say, if Oliver and Company premiered nowadays, he would definitely win the Internet.

Phew, picking five was tough! Did we miss one? Stay tuned—we are coming back with the next five favorites in our long list of best cats in Disney history.