5 Friendships that Show Cats and Dogs Can Get Along

You probably already knew that Instagram is the spot to fulfill your need for adorable cat photos. But beyond Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub, and the other feline Instagram stars, you’ll find fluffy friendships that prove cats and dogs can be best friends furrever. Take a peek at these precious pals!

Cat or Dog?

Rosie isn’t sure if she’s a dog or a cat, but she does know that she loves her two Husky best friends. The cat grew up with Lilo and Infinity, the two Huskies that she can be found on hikes with, and even considers Lilo her surrogate mother after losing her own at a young age.

Ohana means family???? #liloandrosie

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Classy Ensemble

Bailey the Balinese and Zoey the Bulldog are so inseparable that they can be found wearing the same ensembles (and looking incredibly cute while doing it). This Instagram account is sure to help you fill your daily cuteness quota.

Weekend goals. #unlikelyfriends

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Ginger Pals

Doug, an exotic shorthair cat, knows that he can always count on his best friend Charlie for a great nap or fun time. Doug doesn’t seem to care at all that Charlie is a golden retriever, but he does seem to approve of their matching ginger coats.

when close is not enough ????❤

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Friends Furrever

Rue met her BFF, Bubba the Pitbull, when she was only six months old! The two rescue animals have found their furrever home and can often be seen playing, snuggling, and cheering on their favorite sports team together.

2 Pups, 1 Cat

Harry the cat obviously does not mind sharing his home with two large golden retrievers. The love that Watson and Keiko have for their feline brother is evident thanks to these heart-melting photos.

A heartwarming cuddle photo to brighten up your day. Watson loves all his fury friends

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Cat owners know better than others than stereotypes should often times be ignored (who decided dog was man’s best friend?), so perhaps it’s time to say good-bye to the old lie that cats and dogs only ever fight. According to these Instagram users, most of their time together seems to be spent snuggling.