5 Pieces of Life Advice We Can Get From Our Cats

Any cat owner knows cats are practically perfect in every way. Some may call us obsessed with our fur baby kitty bundles of magnificent cuteness (no comment). But really, we just know something the rest of the world doesn’t.

Cats know everything.

They really do. And as pet owners, we think there is a lot about life we can learn from our four legged feline friends.

Here are five important lessons on life that you can learn from cats.

Make An Effort to Spend Quality Time With Those You Care About

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Friends are important—even the ones that speak gibberish and pull on your ears. Family and friends need attention and affection. It takes effort, and at times you may just want to be left alone, but carving out some quality time for those who love you will keep your relationships healthy (and gifts or treats flowing).

Confidence is Key to Getting What You Deserve


To get what you want out of life, whether it is your next big promotion, that new romance you have your eye on, or simply an indulgent treat you’ve been craving, you must first know you deserve it. Cats know this. They were after all, worshipped in ancient Greece, which is all the proof they ever need.  Cats know they deserve everything in the world… and perhaps the whole universe. Have the confidence in yourself to know you deserve it too.

Don’t be Afraid to go After What You Want

Confidence is knowing you deserve it. Courage, however, is actually going after it. Whatever “it” is, chase it down until you catch it. Ask for the new job. Approach the new girl. Keep going until you get it. Better yet, maintain a low profile, strategize, plot your attack, and then pounce.

Take Breaks From Working


All work and no play is not a statement any cat will know or understand. Take note, this also makes for a very tired and boring human. For those of you working late at night on your laptops, now you know why your kitty’s politely remind you to take a break. By politely, we mean sprawling out on your keyboard until you are forced to comply out of frustration.

Find Joy in the Simple Things

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Any creature that can spend hours chasing a ball, a red laser dot, or their own tail, knows how to have a good time. As you go about your day, try to find the joy in the simple everyday things. Whether it is stopping to appreciate the beauty that surrounds you on your daily walk, finding the humor in deadlines at the office, or savouring a casual phone call with your parents, know that the key to an extraordinary life is not to live some grandiose or crazy lifestyle. The key is simply finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.