7 Haikus Written By Cats

August 18th is National Bad Poetry Day, and we are celebrating with some of our favorite poets–cats. Since cats are the ultimate winners at staying zen, the haiku is the natural poetic form of choice for them express themselves. If cats could haiku, what would they say? See for yourself…

7 Purrfect Haiku Poems Written By Cats

 Haiku #1

kitten sitting in litterbox

Litter box is clean.
Kick the sand all the way out!
See my confetti?

 Haiku #2

cat lying on arm of sofa

We are out of treats?
I just peed on the sofa.
Cat justice is swift.

Haiku #3

cat walking across piano keys

The floor is lava.
Good thing I have so many
man-made stepping stones.

Haiku #4

hungry cat looking up at human's food

Hey. Are you gonna
finish all of your dinner?
I can help with that.

Haiku #5

longhair cat staring at human in bed

Tap. Tap tap tap. Tap.
Meow. Meow meow Oh–
you’re awake. Feed me.

Haiku #6

woman hugging cat

What is a lint roll?
I gave you that on purpose!
Fine. I can make more.

Haiku #7

cat with very innocent face

Dead of night. A sound.
Humans bolt up out of bed
to find where I barfed.