7 Reasons Why Owning a Cat is Good For You

Cat lovers rejoice! Our cats are making us much healthier every day and the best part about it is there is no hard work involved. All it takes is spending some quality time with our kitties, which we love to do anyway. Could it be their magical purr, cute faces, super soft coats, or all of the above? We are about to find out. Grab your kitty and give them a smooch, because here are seven reasons why your cat is just what the doctor ordered.

7 Health Benefits of Cat Ownership

Cats Help Heart Health

You love your cat and hold it near and dear to your heart, but it actually helps your heart’s health too. One study found that cat owners are 40 percent less likely to die from a heart attack or other cardiovascular diseases than those who don’t own a cat.

woman holding cat on her chest

The Cure of the Kitty Purr

You’re about to have a whole new level of respect for purring. Some findings show that the vibrations of a cat’s purr may have therapeutic health benefits. Benefits include possibly reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, and helping promote immune health. How cool is that!?

happy cat face

Cats Keep Us Laughing

Our cats do some weird things on the daily, but somehow they never cease to amaze us or have us laughing hysterically. Think about how many cat videos have gone viral. The universal love of cat videos isn’t just luck; it is because cats are expressive, curious creatures, and we can’t get enough of them. Cats get themselves into all sorts of wild predicaments, and we are happy to get a good laugh out of it. Thank you kitties of the world for making us get a good ab workout in from the comfort of our desks.

Cat Owners are Less Stressed

Finding your Zen during the daily hustle and bustle can be tough. The cat’s purr doesn’t just have medical benefits, but emotional ones as well. Purring helps us feel more calm and relaxed. Those who own pets, especially cats, have lower stress and anxiety levels. Just petting a cat while it’s purring is known to calm our nerves, and after a long day that might just be exactly what you need.

hiding kitten

Cats Are the Ultimate Coping Mechanism

Life isn’t always peaches and cream, and who better to turn to than our pets to help us cope? Cats are a great social support during hard times. Cats are always willing to listen, and it is often easier for people to express their feelings to their pets seeing that they don’t ever judge. If you have a sassy boss cat, their humbling attitude can help you snap out of your blues from time to time as well. After all, there’s still food bowls that need to be filled and treats that need to be given.

kid holding kitten

Cats Make Us Less Likely to Develop Allergies

Does your household have baby on the way? If so, you might want to consider getting a cat. If a child grows up with pets from an early age, it can help boost immunities that decrease the chance of them having allergies later on.

pregnant woman with cat

Cats Make Us Live a Longer Life

Having your kitty companion by your side makes us healthier, happier, and feel whole- all of which are ingredients to living a longer life. Many folks find having a purpose or job keeps them active, and what higher purpose is there than being a cat servant?

senior man with cat on his lap

All the kitties out there deserve a pat on the back (or rub on the cheek) for all they do. Without cats, where would we be? And don’t worry, cats know exactly how important they are and won’t let you forget it!