9 Hilarious Halloween Costumes For Your Cats

Halloween is just around the corner. You know what that means? Cats in costume. Ok, it may mean a few more things—but cats dressed up for Halloween is all that really matters in the world.

The feline population may stage a protest in disagreement, but what do they know? We can’t let our fur babies miss out on all the fun to be had on fright night. Of course, finding the perfect costume for your perfect kitty may seem like a difficult task. Not to worry, we scoured the internet, took votes, and curated a list of the best Halloween costumes for cats.

Here are the best costumes that are purrrfect inspiration for choosing your favorite pet’s Halloween outfit.

Pretty Princess


If you cat is your family’s precious princess (because what cat isn’t?), then crafting a princess Halloween kitty costume will ensure your friends and family remember they are in the presence of royalty.

Vampire Kitty


They already have the fangs, so dressing up as Count Dracula is a natural fit. On the upside, instead of seeking blood, your creature-of-the-night will crave delicious cat treats.



This quintessential Halloween mascot, along with your cat’s toothy grin, will make a cute-but-evil Halloween pumpkin that puts other Jack-o-Lanterns to shame.



If you think your cat is the fiercest feline in the neighborhood, a gangster costume for Halloween would suit their bada$$ attitude. Add a backwards cap and some bling to show the neighborhood that something wicked this way comes.

Buzz Lightyear


Let your kitty jump “to infinity and beyond” with added space wings this Halloween. His height challenged friends will be envious when they see his flight gear accessories that guarantee a smooth landing.



A cranky personality can be utilized to your advantage by dressing up your ferocious pet as another intimidating animal. All you need is a faux fur ram onzie with horns. The grumpy cat face will happen naturally.



For the tomcat that is playful, fun, and little mischievous, nothing shows off their prankster side like a court jester Halloween costume. The outfit is fairly easy to make, and your cat’s impish nature will really make the costume stand out with the trick-or-treating crowd.

Little Red Riding Hood


As dogs and cats stereotypically do not like each other, it’s no surprise a kitty would dress-up as the girl who fought the Big Bad Wolf. Simultaneously portraying your pet’s dainty and brave personality, Little Red Riding Hood is a fairytale come to life.

Military Soldier


Your cat rules your home anyway so he may as well dress the part. Meet Lieutenant Furball, proud to serve his country (your house). The dog-eat-dog Halloween shenanigans won’t phase him—he will defend you, your honor, and your massive treasure trove of candy.

No matter your costume choice for your favorite furball,  and whether or not they disown you for the embarrassing Facebook photos that will soon follow, dressing your cats up for Halloween is bound to make for a frighteningly fun holiday. For all you dog lovers out there, don’t leave them out. Take a look at the best Halloween costumes for dogs so all your pets can join in on the fun.