A Guide to What Cats Really Want For Christmas Gifts

Many cat parents find themselves frustrated during the holiday season gift exchanges. They’re vexed, not about what gifts to get the kids and coworkers, but about what gifts to get their wonderful fur baby family members.

Well cat lovers, your holiday has been saved. Bella the cat has taken the time to help by sharing her personal wish list, which she believes has the most essential Christmas gifts for cats that everyone will love.

So here it is, Bella’s Holiday Wish List containing what cats really want for Christmas:

Bella’s Essential Christmas Gifts for Cats

christmas gift for catsForget the gift, just give us the box.

I promise, I don’t need any of that weird stuff you all put inside the box. Just give me the gift boxes.

Cats will never understand why you all throw the best part away but hey, to each their own right? We will gladly take what you think just holds your gifts. Some crumpled wrapping paper thrown in for good measure is a nice add-on too.

Delicious cat treats readily available at all times. Please and thank you.

Look I am not here to toot my own horn or anything but…oh who am I kidding, I am blaring my horn from the rooftops (it’s easy for me to get up there). I want to make it known, loud and clear, that I deserve some treats. Not just any treats mind you. I deserve the very best cat treats the world has to offer. I know you know this to be true so I have no need to be modest.

sweater gifts for cats If you must, a sweater is fine. I won’t wear it but I will love and destroy it.

I will sleep on it. I will knead it. I will lick it and scratch it. I would absolutely love a new Christmas sweater. But, if you make me wear it—there may or may not be a hissing hissy fit as a result. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

A lifetime supply of catnip is the gift that keeps on giving.

I am not a dummy; I know you ration the good stuff and all I have to say is, ‘tis the season of giving. You know what this means? Stop bogarting the catnip! Just keep up a constant flow of my catnip fix and I promise to a) love you forever, and b) stop hogging the bed. Ok maybe just the first part—but forever is a whole lotta love.

mouse gift for cat Satisfy my inner chef with a new cookbook…on how to cook mice.

I will master the fine art of gourmet and I promise (cross my paws) that I will share. I see what your face looks like when I go out of my way to bring you a mousey gift on the doorstep.

I know you say you like it, but your poker face is not winning any hands. It’s ok, my feelings are not hurt. I just want to please you my wonderful humans. And, if making these little things to top-chef standards of perfection is what you need, then by golly I will comply.

cat in christmas treeLet me touch the tree for once.

Listen humans, you can’t get this giant pretty sparkly magnificent toy, stick it right in the middle of my entire universe, and then not let me partake in the magical, mystical adventure that it is just asking me to do. This is the most wonderful time of year. Let me climb the tree! Santa would want it this way.

Let me catch the laser beam and save all mankind.

I have been close to victory before and I see what you do (you think I don’t notice?). I don’t know what kind of game you’re playing here but I have a job to do and the human race to save. The evil laser will come and get us if I don’t capture it and neutralize the threat. What team are you on?  Prove you are on my team and let me catch the evil laser this Christmas!

cat getting attention from personGive me all the attention in the world whenever I want it…just not when I don’t.

Naturally I am the center of attention. But hey, it’s the holidays and everything is merry and bright.

So let’s really get into the spirit of the season and give me a little bit of extra special attention.

By a little, I mean a lot.

By a lot, I mean every time I ask.

By every time I ask, I mean (and this is important) ONLY when I ask.


Next time you are in a tizzy about what to get your feline friends for Christmas, just stick to this list. We deserve to be in on all the festivities. After all, what kind of holly jolly holiday would it be without your kitty companions? One ruled by the Grinch I’d say! So go ahead and give us Christmas gifts and delicious treats. We are not too hard to please.