Celebrate Adopt a Cat Month with 7 Rescued Kitties

Adopt a Cat Month Delightibles Cat Treats

To celebrate Adopt a Cat Month, we asked Delightibles Facebook fans to share how they rescued the cats they love. We loved hearing everyone’s stories and seeing photos of such special felines.

We’ve shared seven stories below that we think you’ll enjoy just as much as we did.

Gray Beauty

Emmett Adopt a Cat Month Delightibles Cat Treats

“Emmett was adopted from a foster family who took him in when he was three days old. We discovered an advertisement with his picture online shortly after our cat Shadow passed away, and I immediately contacted his foster family and brought him home the next day!” – Stacey F.

Friends Furrever

Munch Adopt a Cat Month Delightibles Cat Treats

“I have a wonderful 10 year-old adopted kitty named Munch who has been my best friend through some of the most difficult times of my life. During the last several years, he’s had to be my therapist through a divorce, support while raising my children as a single mom, and nurse as I recovered from two reconstructive spine surgeries.Needless to say, our bond is priceless; I truly don’t know where I’d be without him. The day I adopted my little grey and white kitten will always be a treasured one.” – Shea H.

Sweet Sunbather

Missy Adopt a Cat Month Delightibles Cat Treats

“My son found Missy on a very cold January night eight years ago. She was very close to death. Vet said she was approximately two years old and two and a half pounds, she wasn’t given much hope of making it through the night. The next morning, Missy was still alive although not moving much, but she started to drink kitten milk from an eye dropper, two days later we got her to take bites of canned food from a spoon. Two days after that, she got up and walked and would eat a little at a time. Now she is 11 pounds at nine years old. She is a diabetic, but such a sweet baby who loves dogs, sunlight and her cat scratches” – Susan S.

Sassy Southerner

 Adopt a Cat Month Delightibles Cat Treats

“This sassy beautiful girl was at the Asheville Humane Society. She was three years old and had been there for a while. I brought her home and we are both the happiest girls in the world!” – Julie Anne C.

Matronly Mouser

Penny Adopt a Cat Month Delightibles Cat Treats

“This is Penny. I just adopted her in late April. She’s 13 years old, deaf, and takes medication twice a day for her thyroid. She has been in very many homes, and continued being placed back at the shelter. People didn’t want to be responsible for paying her medication, or caring for a senior cat. I just couldn’t let her stay at the shelter & die there! Now she’s very happy, loves to cuddle, and is spoiled! This beauty queen deserves to live the rest of her life happy as can be.” – Arielle P.

Dumpster Survivor 

Adopt a Cat Month Delightibles Cat Treats

“Nine years ago he was rescued from a dumpster. Someone had thrown him away like trash. My co-worker/friend actually was the one to save him. She called me and I was on my honeymoon at the time and asked if I wanted a cat. And even though at that time we weren’t allowed to have cats, I knew that he had to be with me. So, long story short I adopted him. And then we moved to an apartment that allowed cats. He’s been with me since that day I picked him up from my friend. Every cat/animal deserves a second chance at love.” – Trisha R.

Stopping Traffic

Shadow Adopt a Cat Month Delightibles Cat Treats

“This is my baby girl, Shadow. It was the Fourth of July, eight years ago. I was driving and saw this little thing crossing the road. I stopped my car and literally ran down the middle of the street like a maniac to scoop her up before a truck hit her. I stopped all traffic that day LOL. She was very sick and her eyes were crusted shut. I had my vet on speed dial and rushed her into the office. She weighed one pound, had conjunctivitis and an upper respiratory infection. The vet said she was just a few weeks old and had probably been abandoned by her mother for being sick. She is very sweet even though she looks mad all the time LOL. I love her to pieces.” – Terry S.