5 Ways to Show Your Cat Love This Valentine’s Day

how to celebrate valentine's day with your cat

We know how much you love your fur baby. Is there a better time to show that love than during Valentine’s Day? We think not! No one said the holiday was just for couples. Here’s five easy ways you can shower your cat with love this February.

A Place to Perch

From shoeboxes to towering cat trees, felines enjoy finding new places to perch. Your cat would love the gift of a new pad for V-Day. There’s a variety of cat habitats available at stores and online to match any décor, like those found on All Modern’s website.

Tempting Treats

Everyone wants a delicious treat on Valentine’s Day, your kitten included. Your cat will think he’s spoiled when you offer a gourmet Delightibles treat. Whether your cat loves crunchy bites or soft morsels, Delightibles has a tempting treat with real meat as the main ingredient.

Quality Time

The best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is by spending quality time with those that you love. That includes letting the cat snuggle on your lap for a few extra minutes, or offering bonus belly scratches when requested.

Festive Attire

Let your cat unleash the lion that lives inside. You could buy a festive Valentines collar (like this one) to celebrate, or you could help your feline show off its wild side with a lion mane costume by Pet Krewe. If your cat resists all attire, settle for a heart-covered bowl instead.

A Day of Pampering

One of the many perks of cat ownership is that you can skip the baths. But, don’t forget that your cat would enjoy a good brushing! And if shedding is a constant problem, choose a brush that removes loose hair gently, like the Furminator.

However you decide to celebrate the holiday of love, know that your cat just wants to spend time with you. Whether that involves snuggling on the couch or playing with a favorite toy, the best way to show love is by doing your favorite activities together.