Celebrity Cat Lovers: Famous People Who Love Their Cats

It may be a bit harder to find celebrities who are cat lovers, since most don’t venture out with their kiddies in tow. But, thanks to social media, Instagram, and even the brazen celebs who actually walk their feline family, we have found a slew of the show-biz elite who are loud and proud about their love for all things cat. Take a look at some celebrities who proudly belong to the Cool Cat People club.

Taylor Swift

taylor swift and cat

With cats named Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey, it is easy to see what Ms. Swift is a fan of on television. And, if you follow the country-pop sensation on social media, you’re likely already aware of her love for her four-legged family members. Swift and her cat Meredith even put together a Youtube video to help promote her American Country Music Award nomination for Entertainer of the Year. Check out the cute kitty here.

Katy Perry

katy perry cat

Katy Perry, with a self-professed obsession with cats, has often said she wants to make the “cat-lady” cool again. This very cool cat lady has two cats, Kitty Purry and Krusty. She says, “Cats are like, ‘You have to earn my affection.’ And I really associate myself with that. People have to earn my affection. But when I give it, it’s going to be good.”

Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder and MokeThe swoon-inducing heartthrob famous for his role on the hit show Lost and portrayal of mischievous vampire Damon on The Vampire Diaries is an avid animal lover and animal rescue supporter. This includes his family of three cats, which live with him in Atlanta.  One is a feral cat from Hawaii who grew up in the jungle, another one is a rescue from a dungeon in New York, and the other one’s from Canada.

Nicole Richie

nicole richy cat

This Hollywood darling may be known for her love of dogs, but she also has a love for her feline family.  A fancy Abyssinian feline named Gypsy, as well as a stray cat she adopted and named Tabby, get to call her LA digs their home.

Jesse Eisenberg


As if there were not enough reasons to love everyone’s favorite poster boy for geek-chic, Jesse Eisenberg is also a caregiver for cats in need. Not only does he foster a bunch of feline friends in need of homes, he also filmed a public service announcement for the Washington Animal Rescue League, urging viewers to open their homes and make donations for the animals in need.


kesha with cat

Ke$ha, known mostly for her catchy hit songs and provocative fashion, is actually the Humane Society’s first global ambassador for animal rights. Her love for animals extends to her two cats, Mr. Peep$ and Mr. Fluffy Pants, who often accompany her down the red carpet.

James Franco

james franco with cat sq

“I was raised as a cat person,” James Franco has said. “I had cats when I was a kid and that’s what I’m used to.” James has named his most recent cats after literary characters. “Sammy’s named after Sammy Glick from What Makes Sammy Run, and Zelda is named after Zelda Fitzgerald,” he explains. Naming your cats after literary works of art is cool. But also making a cat calendar in 2014 (oh yes he did!)? Now that is genius.

Regardless of whether someone is an actor, singer, or just famous for being famous, one thing is abundantly clear—celebs that are animal lovers and feline owners are definitely the cat’s meow.