5 Gifts Your Cat Will Love This Christmas

christmas gifts for your cat delightibles wild country cat treats
Your cat called and told us what it wants for Christmas this year. After all the snuggles, cuddles, and purrs that your cat has given to you this year, you’ll want to return the favor with a present that your cat will love as much as you love her. From funky cat houses to mouthwatering treats, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect gift for your feline in the list below.

Hide and Seek 

1. Curious cats will be intrigued and entertained by the Pioneer Pet Peek-a-Prize Toy Box. Hide toys inside the wooden box, and watch as your cat fishes them out. Hide catnip or treats inside the box for an extra surprise for your kitten.

Let Loose the Lion

2. Every cat has a little bit of lion inside of them. Let your cat walk on the wild side with Wild Country treats with added nutrients to promote health. With real meat as the first ingredient, these soft, meaty morsels are a delicious way to treat your cat.

Famous Oto Ice Cream Truck for Cats Christmas gifts for cats

Photo courtesy of Famous Oto.

A Home Fit for Royalty

3. While your cat seems pretty happy in that cardboard box you got in the mail the other day, why not update her pad? There are numerous cat houses that will please your feline and look great in your home, like this ice cream truck by Famous Oto. Or, you can purchase the book “Cat Castles” and construct your own!

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

4. Your cat will thank you for subscribing to a monthly subscription box service. Curated subscription boxes are a great way for your cat to try different toys, treats, and accessories. Consider companies such as RescueBox that help animals without devoted owners like yourself.

Only the Best for Your Cat

5. The refined cat will love to snack on Delightible’s Center-Filled Gourmet Cat Treats. The soft center and crunchy shell creates an irresistible combination. The made in the USA, healthy treats contain antioxidants and natural flavors.

Whether you decide to buy your cat a new home, or give her the gift of a few extra chin scratches, your cat will appreciate the extra love this holiday season.