Easy and Quick Tips to Help Your Cats Lose Weight

Approximately 60% of cats are obese according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. What does this mean? If you have three cats in your house, two of them might be fat. Well, that is a little harsh. We prefer full figured cats. Or better yet, delightfully plump kitty cats that carry a little extra in the midsection.

Cats do have a more of a propensity towards weight gain than their canine friends. This, of course, does not mean dogs are better than cats. Cats just think they are better than anyone telling them to exercise. Trying to get little Felix to run? See how he stares at you like you’re a perfect candidate for the looney bin. Attempting to make a cat eat less? They will just attempt to eat your ears in the middle of the night (or sit on top of you cutting off all air supply until you comply with their food order).

So what can you do if you have a tubby tub cat that is lazier than your Big Uncle Al? For the sake of your food supply and your beloved furry baby’s health, it should be a priority to attempt to get feline health and weight loss on the books this year. Luckily, a few tweaks and tricks are all it takes to help your feline family get healthier in no time. What’s better? They won’t even know you are lovingly conning them out of laziness and obesity.

fat lazy cat needs to diet

Tips and Tricks to Help Lazy Fat Cats Lose Weight

Healthy and Nutrient Rich Cat Food is Most Important

First, everything starts with food. So before anything else, get quality cat food. Get the best quality cat food that you can manage. Quality food, plus little adjustments in your kitty’s eating habits, can make a world of difference in your cat’s health and weight all on its own.

Learn the Right Amount of Food to Give Cats

Once you have healthy and nutritious cat food on hand, time to get serious about the amount of food to give on a daily basis. The recommended food varies depending on the age and size of your cats, so ask your vet or research the needs of your specific pet. Once you know the amount, if your cat is already used to larger portion sizes, reduce their portion sizes in phases (and just hope they don’t notice!).

Ditch the Junk Food and Aim for Healthy Cat Treats

Treats are a nice to have handy and, when used in moderation, can be a healthy snack rather than an unhealthy weight-killer. The healthy snack, of course, is dependent on the type of treats you have handy. So ditch junky cat treats in favor of healthy and nutritious cat treats with natural ingredients.

Trick Cats Into More Exercise and Activity

The key to getting a house cat to exercise and lose weight is to make them think they are not exercising. It is not exercise; it is a mission to catch the laser and save the world! It is not calorie burning; it is a fleeting chance to catch the mouse…over and over again. If a game can capture your feline family’s attention for 30 minutes (or smaller amounts of time more often) per day, then you are on the right path to weight loss. Commit to engaging in any games involving activity as much as you can. Your fur babies will be showing off svelte new figures in no time.

With the right amount of nutritious cat food, healthy treats, and subtle bursts of exercise, your fur baby will be on the road from lazy couch potato to cat-athlete. Athlete may be a stretch. Let’s say healthy food and exercise can make way for cats to be a little lighter and a lot healthier this year.