The Blue Angel: Meet The Russian Blue

The Russian Blue is one of the most recognizable breeds of cat. We would say one of the most loveable, except we think all cats are pretty great. How much do you really know about this mysterious breed of kitty?

Russian Blue cat with bright green eyes

Where Did The Russian Blue Come From?

The Russian Blue is a naturally occurring breed, not created as a result of cross-breeding. But where did they come from? Their exact origin is a bit of a mystery, but they are believed to come from a region of Northern Russia known as the Archangel Isles. Because of this, Russian Blues are occasionally referred to as Archangel Cats or Archangel Blues. In the old days, Russian folklore claimed these cats were good luck charms, as well as a good omen. Often, royalty would put these pretty kitties in the bed chambers of their newborns to ward off evil spirits. In the 1800s, Russian Blues made their way to Europe, and eventually the United States, where they became very popular. The Russian Blue is one of the most popular breeds in the U.S. and recognized by all of the major cat associations.

What Makes A Cat A Russian Blue?

The Russian Blue is a shorthaired, blue-grey cat. They have a plush greyish blue double coat with silver tips, giving their fur a sheen. The Russian Blue also has big, round yellow or green eyes and expressive pointed ears. A trademark Russian Blue trait is a slight upturn at the corners of the mouth, giving them a smiling appearance. They are not a very large cat, growing to between five to eleven pounds on average. Not every blue cat is a Russian Blue. They are not related to other blue breeds of cat such as the Korat, Chartreux, Burmese, or British Shorthair.

Russian Blue closeup cat face

Russian Blues Personality

Russian Blues are aloof, and a little shy. They tend to bond very strongly with one or two humans, so they make very good companions to single people. Their shy nature makes them better suited to households with no children, or at least no young kids who might not know how much space kitty needs to feel comfortable. The Russian Blue is also highly intelligent and believe it or not, often trainable. The Russian Blue is also a very quiet cat. They are much more likely to “appear” out of thin air wanting attention than to announce their arrival and demand it.

Woman petting Russian Blue cat

The Russian Blue is a sweet natured, shy beauty. They become fiercely loyal to their chosen humans, making them excellent pets and beloved members of any household that is lucky enough to have one!