Get To Know The Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold is easy to love; just look at them! They’re so darn cute. It’s hard not to be obsessed. If you’re not already familiar with the Scottish Fold breed, you have probably seen one, and not even realized it. Let’s get to know the Scottish Fold and find out why the internet loves them so much.

scottish fold sitting with paws crossed

Where Do Scottish Folds Get Their Fold?

The very first Scottish Fold was a cat named Susie. Susie was found on a farm in Scotland back in 1961. She later had a litter of kittens, some of whom had her same folded ears. With the help of a cat fancier and a geneticist, the Scottish Fold was born.

The Scottish Fold’s folded ears are caused by what is called an incomplete dominant gene. The gene is not completely dominant, so not every cat born will have the folded ears. Because of this, Scottish Folds are somewhat rare. The mutation affects the cats’ cartilage of the ears, not the “working” parts of the ear. Scottish Fold cats still hear and use their ears like any other cat, perking them up with the treat bag shakes, for example!

tiny scottish fold kitten

The Scottish Fold Look

Aside from their folded ears, the Scottish Fold has a very distinct look that gives them mass appeal. Outcrossing with American Shorthairs and British Shorthairs helped form the breed, but they have a look that is all their own. Scottish Folds have a very “rounded” appearance. They have large, round heads with large, expressive round eyes. Every angle of a Scottish Fold is rounded. They’re roly poly bundles of love!

Scottish Fold kitties can be both short haired or long haired, and almost any color including white bicolor. The males usually range up to about 13 pounds, while females are slightly smaller. They have soft voices and are not extremely vocal cats.

scottish fold cat grey with yellow eyes

Scottish Fold Personality

Scottish Folds are not only loved for their looks but their sweet personalities. The Scottish Fold is a happy-go-lucky, sweet natured cat. Their teddy bear-like appearance matches their gentle nature. Scottish Folds notoriously sleep sprawled out on their backs, or sit up in a “Buddha-like” pose, just adding to the adorableness. These kitties tend to become very closely bonded to their human families, and get along with all members of the household (including other pets). They do not like to be left alone, and may get depressed if they are left alone in the house for long periods.

tabby scottish fold lying on her back

Famous Scottish Folds

You have probably seen a Scottish Fold and not even realized it. One of the most famous cats on the internet, Maru “the box cat” is a Scottish Fold with straight ears. He has more subscribers than any other Youtube kitty. Here’s one of our favorite videos:

Another viral video of a thieving kitty reaching into his owner’s drawer (you’ve probably seen this one!) also features a Scottish Fold:

The Scottish Fold fits into just about any household with ease. Kids and other pets alike will get along with their good nature, making them perfect family pets. You never know, your Scottish Fold might even be the next internet sensation!