Favorite Videos: A Collection of Cats Showing Their Mischievous Side

Delightibles Blog Cat Videos MischiefCat people know owning a cat means learning to deal with a few quirks and behaviors. Luckily they are smart, and cute, and rule our hearts—so a little mischief is a small price to pay to have our loyal feline companions.

Then again, with the broken vases and home decor, fearful pets three times their size, and an uncanny ability to outsmart even the most genius of humans, perhaps we should be afraid after all.

If these videos are any indication, cats not only rule over our hearts, they also rule over our lives.

Favorite Videos of Mischievous Cats

You Shall Not Pass, Dog

These adorable pups are too terrified of walking past their cat friends in fear of their mighty wrath.

Knocking Things Over Like Cats Do

Think your cat is the only one that knocks things over? Think again! Take a look at cats doing what they do best—making their presence known to all.

If you Have a Cat, Everything is Theirs

Poor dogs, they think they have a bed. Haven’t they learned what is for the cat is for the cat, and what is for the dog is for the cat?

Cats Can Annoy Us, But We Love Them Anyway

They may break lamps, scratch furniture, sit on our computers while working, and make a mess, but we love them all the more for it.

Mischief Managed. Now go give your kitty a gourmet cat treat!