Five Reasons Why Your Desk is Your Cat’s Ultimate Playground

Your desk is your sanctuary of productivity. It is the shrine to your career. The fortress of your work-life. The focal point of all things work-related—whether you work at home or not. It may be all these things to you, but to your feline family members, your desk is a jungle gym/playground full of nooks and crannies just begging for adventure.

We can try to make sense of this in the hopes of transitioning our cats to a more cat-friendly playground while we attempt to get some work done. But really, it is a moot point. Your desk is your cat’s ultimate playground, and here are five big reasons why that will always be the case.

Pens and Pencils: The Ultimate Cat Toy

Pens and pencils are highly swattable, and chances are, your desk is overflowing with these toys. Yes, we said toys. To anyone in your family of the feline variety, pens and pencils exist solely to be a form of playtime entertainment. Use them for writing? Please, that’s human behavior.

Chewie the cat watching at the smartphone screen

Warm Electronics: A Cat’s Favorite Bed

Most cat parents know about their feline children’s affinity for warm areas to settle into during nap time. It does not matter if you have the world’s most expensive cat bed in the vicinity. If you have a computer, a laptop, or printer—it will always double as your kitty’s bed. This is true whether or not you are currently trying to use said computer for productive things…like work.

2015.08.28_delightibles (3)

Fingers: AKA Moving Toys

What is the point of having fingers if your cat cannot play with them. Whether it is the constant back and forth motion of diligently typing away on the paper you have to write, or the general hum of click-clicking your way through bill pay and Facebook—all your cat sees is a toy to chase, bite, and mangle.

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Paper: The Throne of Cat

A pile of paper may be an important manuscript of a blank canvas of possibility awaiting print. Either way, to a cat it is just a thrown. So if you have just printed the next great American novel, better make copies—your cat will go after it like it’s the last great Lazy Boy on the planet.


Cords: A Dangerously Tempting Chew Toy

You can try to curb the cord issue with fancy organizers and tape, but Frisky and Whiskers will still manage to finagle their way into entangled cord heaven. Your last charger that works? The one cord that keeps every other electronic plugged in? They don’t care. Anything dangling back there is theirs for the taking.

Whether you work from home, or just enjoy a productive nook in the house, if you are a cat parent, better just give up now. Your desk will always be your cat’s playground.