3 Ways to Keep Your Indoor Cat Entertained While You’re Away

If you find yourself feeling anxious when you leave your cat home alone during the day, there’s easy ways to ensure your feline stays entertained while alone.

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There’s toys to keep your fluffy friend busy, like this Peek-a-Prize Toy Box, but you can make your cat’s day a little livelier without adding to the numerous toys your feline already owns.

A little imagination and consideration will ensure that your cat finds plenty to do when you’re away—beyond cat napping, that is.

A Playground of Paper

All cat owners know that felines love boxes, bags, and other enclosed spaces. An easy way to add some variety to your cat’s day is by placing paper sacks, cardboard boxes, or other items that are fun to explore, hide, or hang out in around your house.

If you switch the location and the items often, then your cat will have a new space to explore within the confines of your home’s walls.

A Place to Perch

Indoor cats love to watch the world go by. Determine what windows your cat seems to enjoy peeking out the most and leave the blinds or curtains open for her to perch. Cats love watching other animals, like birds or squirrels, and people.

Place a bird or squirrel feeder outside of a main window so that the wildlife will come within easy viewing. If you live on a street with lots of pedestrians, then your cat will likely enjoy watching them as they walk by.

You may need to either place a chair, stool, or cat tree by the window so that the cat can easily hang out while watching the world out the window.

how to keep an indoor cat entertained while away delightibles cat treats

Find a Friend

This suggestion won’t work for everyone, but if your cat is the only animal in your home, you might consider adding another to the brood. If you adopted your cat from a shelter, then often the paperwork will state if your cat enjoys the company of other cats or not.

Some professionals suggest adopting a kitten that your cat won’t feel threatened by, while others think it’s best to have two cats that are similar in age. If you do decide to adopt an older cat, then find out if the new addition also enjoys interacting with other felines.

No matter how you decide to help your kitty stay entertained while your away, know that your cat is lucky to have an owner like you! There are about 3.4 million cats that enter shelters yearly, and your fluffy friend is loved and safe with you.