The Good Luck Cat: Meet the Korat

Need lady luck on your side? Look no further than the Korat. In its home country of Thailand, the Korat is considered a symbol of luck and prosperity. It’s easy to see why this breed catches the attention of so many people. Not only are they the cutest lucky charm we have ever seen, but they are smart too. Brains and beauty–this kitty really is the total package! If you are lucky enough to own a Korat (no pun intended), then you understand the joy the Korat can bring to your life. For those of you who are still wondering about this breed, let’s discuss this bright-eyed kitty’s traits and history.

thai korat cat

Korat Origins

This breed of cat is native to the country of Thailand dating back to Thailand’s Ayudhya period around 1350 to 1767. The earliest knowledge of the Korat came from an ancient book about cats and was said to be one of 17 other breeds in the book that were predicted to bring good fortune.

As a treasured symbol to the people of Thailand of luck, prosperity and good health, the Korat is also considered a special gift to those beginning a new life together. Tradition says a gift of a Korat promises fortune and fertility for the new couple. It is a tradition that this ancient breed is only allowed to be received as a gift and cannot be bought, making one of these kitties difficult to obtain.

It wasn’t until 1959 that the Korat was introduced to America, tracing back to a pair named Nara and Darra. A woman by the name of Jean Johnson received the pair as a gift and bred the cats with the Siamese to increase the gene pool. After outcrossing the two breeds, Johnson selected only those with the Korat traits to begin the very first American Korat family.

korat kitten

The Korat Cat Temperament

The Korat prowls around the house with a quiet confidence. Don’t be surprised if they follow your every move or attempt to sit on your lap every chance they get as this breed loves attention and spending time with people (especially when cat treats are around). The good news is you will have good fortune with you wherever you go, and you get to spend ample amount of time getting to bond with your feline companion.

The Features of the Korat

If you were to look at a picture of the Korat from its beginnings, you wouldn’t find much of a difference in its colors and variations today. One might argue that this breed of cat most closely resembles its original look more so than any other with its big bright eyes, silver shimmering fur, and heart shaped head.

One unique thing about the Korat is that it has five hearts in the fur pattern on its body. The first is looking straight on at the head, the second is found by looking down over the top of the Korat’s head, and the third heart is the nose. If you have ever looked at this cat’s chest while it is in a sitting position you can see a heart shape there as well. And let’s not forget their actual heart! It is obvious this cat was meant to bring lots of love with it wherever it goes.

If you are one of the few to own a Korat, you understand how playful and gentle these cats are. Not only that but they make great family members if you can get your hands on one. Consider yourself lucky!

korat cat