Life’s Struggles Only Cat People Will Understand

Pet owners may have a love for animals in common, but it is the cat people of the world that truly share a deep understanding of what life is like with a cat. Here are just a few of life’s trials and tribulations that only cat people know and relate to.

Cat People Understand…

…what it’s like to share your desks.

Whether you work in a home office or just browse the net from your laptop, if you are a cat owner, we feel your pain. The struggle is real my friends. Your cat doesn’t care that you’re working on the most important proposal of your career or about to place a winning bid on eBay. If you are on, near, or around your computer—your cat will claim ownership of the entire area.

Of course that also means keyboards

2015.03.30 delightibles cat on keyboard

and laptops

2015.03.30 delightibles cat on laptop

and chairs

2015.03.30 delightibles cat on chair


…that alarm clocks don’t necessarily make loud noises.

2015.03.30 delightibles cat wake up

Alarm clocks come in all shapes and sizes, but for cat people, alarms all have claws and a mean right hook. These furry wake-up-calls always happen between 3:30 AM and 5:30 AM respectively and (unfortunately) there is no such thing as a snooze button.

…that putting things on shelves is at your own risk.

2015.03.30 delightibles cat knocking over

You think you are the only one who loses at least five breakables a week? Just ask another cat person—you are not alone with your predicament. On one hand you want to decorate your humble abode with nice things. On the other? Well…

…that a full bowl of food means it is half empty.

2015.03.30 delightibles cat empty food

A half empty bowl? Don’t even think about it, that’s practically starvation mode. While humans may not understand it, this is an instance of “cat logic” that is universal across all species of cat. It makes no sense of course, but doesn’t it feel better knowing every other cat person understands the perplexity?

…that privacy during a shower is a fantasy only non-cat people get to indulge.

2015.03.30 delightibles cat watching you shower

A bathroom to yourself? Ha! What are you, a dog person? Give up on the dream— it will never happen. Cats dislike water, but that doesn’t stop them from giving you an epic staredown during your private time in your birthday suit. Look on the bright side, at least they can’t take videos of you and upload them to the internet…yet.

…that your purpose in life includes being a piece of furniture.

Ever feel like the only reason your feline family keeps you around is to give out treats and function as a piece of furniture? Don’t feel too bad— the most charming and good looking humans with massive fame and fortune were pieces of furniture to their kitty cats too.

2015.03.30 delightibles cat brando furniture

Yes, life with cats is an adventure that never ends. But the chaos and comedy, cat owners wouldn’t have it any other way. We know you understand.