Meet the Manx–the Cat That Thinks Like a Dog

Calling all dog lovers! Wait, what?! The Manx is sometimes referred to as the “man’s cat” because of its dog-like qualities. We like to think that the Manx is the one cat that convert even the most devout dog lovers over to our dark side. They can learn to fetch, actually enjoy the water, and can even be leash trained. Chances are high it was a dog in its past life, but today the Manx is a cat that has plenty of unique characteristics that make it stand out from the rest. Let’s find out more about this breed.

torbie and white manx cat

The Myth Behind the Manx

There are many stories behind the Manx tail or lack thereof. Chances are the no tail thing came from a genetic mutation long ago, but the stories that conspired from it are nothing short of entertaining. According to one legend, the cats’ tail was accidentally slammed in the door of Noah’s Ark as they were one of the last animals aboard the ark. Ouch!

A British folktale claims that the mother cats would bite off the kittens’ tails to keep humans from taking them. Again, ouch! Another popular myth explains that the Manx swam ashore after a shipwreck of the Spanish Armada in the 1600s, with the Isle of Man as the refuge for the tailless cats. Some even say the Manx is a mix between a rabbit and a cat.

The Facts about Manx Cats

The truth is we may never know the real story. However, the most accepted and probably most realistic of them all suggests that the Manx originated on the Isle of Man. Due to a spontaneous genetic mutation and isolation from outside breeding, the kittens and cats were tailless.

It is important to note that due to the genes in these cats, not all Manx are born without a tail. Some Manx do produce a full-tail and often the length can vary between kittens. It is even possible to have all different tail lengths in a single litter.

The Manx Cat Personality

The Manx is a very friendly and warm breed. They are devoted to their families and do great with children and other pets. These cats are even-tempered with a quiet demeanor, but take heed: the Manx can be very protective and wary of unusual noises, and will make a loud fuss to protect those it loves. The Manx makes a great companion and people love the fact that they are independent, humorous, and very affectionate.

Manx Cat Behavior

If you are looking for an animal with all of the adorable features of a cat and the behavior of a dog (without the drooling, barking, and much less shedding), then you have met your match with the Manx! They are highly trainable and enjoy interactive play. You can often find a Manx carrying its toys around the house or looking for a good brain challenge to keep them busy and mentally stimulated. They have a strong desire to be around those they love and can usually be found snuggled up to its owner or finding the nearest lap to nap on.

These cats are guaranteed to be a great addition to the family. You can even make up your own legend for how your kitty lost his tail. There is never a dull moment with a Manx cat in your home. If your perfect pet tells no tall tails, it’s gotta be a Manx!

long hair manx cat