Naughty or Nice? Here are the Naughtiest Cats in America

This year, while most people are starting their holiday lists of gifts to give their family, we wanted to see if we could find everyone’s four-legged family members that were most deserving of coal in their stocking. We scoured the streets and went down the chimneys of cat family homes throughout America. We went there and asked pet parents and pet siblings who they thought were the naughtiest cat around.

We asked, and boy did we get answers. What we found is better than we could have imagined. Here they are—the naughtiest cats in America.

The Naughtiest Cats in America

Cuckoo, Pennsylvania

cuckoo evil cat

Cuckoo is definitely cuckoo! This rambunctious little cat proves that some naughty cats need to learn a little patience. While his owner gets busy changing the litter box, he does not enjoy the wait. What would normally be a quick changeover usually turns into a messy cleanup because Cuckoo ends up relieving himself (number one and number two) in the bathtub.

Mittens, Washington

evil cat mittens

Mittens’ owners couldn’t figure out why the bathroom water would be running a tiny bit at random times. After concluding it may just be a ghost, they finally figured out it was their cat, who would slyly nudge the handle with her head to drink the water. Even though Mittens always had fresh water in her bowl, her owners would come home to running water all the time. Even after being caught in the act, Mittens continued her naughty endeavors.  At least it wasn’t a ghost!

Jingles, Virginia

evil cat jingles

Jingles, like many cats that have siblings, has not learned the true value in sharing. No, we are not talking about kitty siblings here. Jingles has not quite learned how to share with his human brothers and sisters. Sneaking into the kids’ toy bin is a regular occurrence with this naughty cat. What’s more, Jingles keeps guard on the toy bin and does not let anyone else near any of toys. Santa is making a list, and chances are Jingles won’t get a spot on the Nice side this year.

Boots, Louisiana

evil cat boots

Boots is one of seven kittens in his household.  To say this rescue kitty likes to keep his owners on their toes is an understatement. During his free time, he manages to dig soil out of all the house plants, spread the soil on the ground, and proceed to roll around in it just to make sure it gets in as many nooks and crannies as possible. After dressing up in soil, he often steals the bag of cat food, goes into hiding under a table, and chews the bag open with explosive messy consequences. If that were not enough damage to cause in under an hour, Boots likes to knock his boots on top of tables, conveniently near vases.  Spreading soil, throwing food, and knocking over vases? You may just find a picture of Boots in the dictionary under “naughty.”

Luna, Florida

evil cat luna

Luna is newly adopted but that does not stop her from showing her cat siblings who she intends to rule over the house. Not only does she get into things every chance she gets, but she loves to terrorize her older sister Nala as well. Luna even manages to chase Nala out of the litter box, right in the middle of Nala’s private potty break.

Baybee, South Carolina

evil cat baybee

On the top of the list of weird behavior that is either a cat’s sign of affection, or proof positive cats are better than humans, is the ability to sneak up on anyone with surprise attacks. Baybee is the queen of the sneak attack, having learned early on that the smaller the space, the sneakier the attack. Walking down the hallway? Better look around the corner. Getting out of bed? Monsters aren’t the only things possibly hiding under there. Baybee, like many cats who love to attack their human parent’s feet, may be naughty, but her playfulness is nothing but nice.

These precious bundles of fur may be cute, but cute does not secure a spot on Santa’s list of nice little kitties. Who are we kidding, what kitty out there is perfectly behaved? The naughty list is much much longer.