Dear Humans, Here Are Reasons to be Thankful For Us. Sincerely, Your Cats

The following letter was sent to us by our Delightibles darling, Bella. We promised we would post the letter in its entirety as she has a few things to say while we gear up for the holidays.  As it turns out, Bella is quite the prolific writer, a literary up-and-comer in her own right.

So here it is, Bella’s open letter to humans from the cats of the world.

Dear Humans,

Look, we know most of you are busy having a big turkey feast (of which I am not invited, clearly because you are scared my advanced palate and taste may mock your cooking skills.. it’s cool I get it). Where was I, oh yes—Thanksgiving. While you are busy chowing down on Turkey Day, taking pause to reflect and give thanks for your family and friends, I implore you dear humans, to take the time to thank us as well. You know who I am referring to right? Your feline family members of course. That’s right, we are glorious.

Not to toot our own horn here, but let’s make this Thanksgiving appreciation a breeze. We know it must come easy, thinking of all the wonderful things cats do and all the funny things we say. But, in case you have some gratitude roadblocks, here are just some of the many things we cats do that you can be thankful for.

Reasons to be Thankful for Cats

Cats Make Sure You Wake Up on Time

We are so thoughtful. We know how important that meeting is and make sure you are up bright and early so you won’t miss it. Not only do we keep you on the road to early-worm success, we make sure you never miss a second of the beautiful day outside—even on Sundays…even when it is 6:00 AM.

2014.11.26 delightiblescat jumpingCats Chase the Ghosts Away

Silly silly humans, always laughing at our antics that you don’t understand. We see you chuckling while we “chase around nothing” as you like to claim. Oh, if you only knew. We play along, silently giggling at such cute naiveté, because we know the truth would just frighten you. It is time to learn my dear friends, we are not chasing nothing. Oh no. We are protecting you from ghosts. Yes, evil spirits exist in the homestead, but you are protected by us, your cats.

Kitten resting on chestCats Keep You Warm


From a swaddle to a snuggie, you humans really love to be confined. But hey, no judgment here. In fact, we are hopping on the bandwagon because we love you. We are here to serve as your real live snuggie. We even make sure to sprawl out as much as we can right across your chest, to give you that warm confined snug-as-a-bug feeling humans seem to crave.

Cats Bring You Presents

Yes, we know you don’t necessarily like the taste of rat, but it is the thought that counts right? Besides, you know how much we love scrumptious rodent, rodent-stew, and all things rodent—yet we still give it up just to shower you with gifts. Giving up something we love so much, just to show our humans affection is something to be thankful for. This gratitude is best reciprocated with many gifts and lots of cat treats (just an FYI).

kitten on the computer laptopCats Remind You to Stop Working Once in a While

Look at all of you. Always working working working. When you are not working you are planning something for work or toying with those silly light up boxes that connect to your ears. We see you get frustrated when we lie on top of your toy boxes in protest. This is for your own good. We know how important it is to stop and eat the grass once in a while. So next time, instead of being mad at us, thank us for your Zen-like balance between work and play.

Cats Stay Humble

Humility is a funny thing isn’t it. We all try to be humble, but it can be difficult. Put it this way, had us modern cats been born in ancient Egypt, we would have been worshiped. There would be thrones with our names on it and pyramids in our honor. But now, here we are—chasing our tails and looking after the teacup humans. Still we remain here without a superiority complex. If we were any more humble, we would be perfect.

We love all of you, we really do.  And we know cats are a bright light in your life. Cats are the greatest thing since sliced turkey. We are brilliant and loving and are good to our humans—and we deserve some thanks on the special day of thanks.