The Best of Both Worlds: The Himalayan

The Himalayan, or Himmie for short, has a striking appearance that many people are drawn to. This bright blue eyed beauty truly is the best of both worlds! Crossed between a Siamese and Persian, we can easily say that the Himalayan is pretty much perfect. We already know how cute the Himmie is, but let’s find out more about this exotic breed.

A Hybrid Breed

While we love letting nature run its course, sometimes the greatest gifts in life come from a little helping hand. Hence the Himmie! The Himalayan came as a result of human intervention. Cat breeders wanted a kitty that resembled and shared popular characteristics from both the Persian and the Siamese. Much like the Persian, the Himalayan has small ears, a tiny nose, and large round eyes. The markings and distinct bright blue eyes are the traits from the Siamese.shutterstock_28699924

What’s more, is the Himmie even shares common personality traits from both. These cats are sweet and docile much like the Persian. One of their favorite pastimes is finding a lap to sit in or devoting their attention to those who recognize their superior qualities. This breed typically enjoys a serene environment with low foot traffic. However, the Himmie does enjoy taking part in the action and often displays kitten-like qualities with random bursts of energy. You can blame the Siamese for that!

The Himalayans are Built Big Boned

The Himmie is an extreme looking breed built much like the Persian. They have distinct features that many people love, including their size! These medium-sized cats have large bones with a sturdy and muscular body. Many might think that their fluffy coat gives them that look, but under all that fur is a lean mean muscle machine.

Need Regular Upkeep

With all that fur, having a Himalayan does require some upkeep. This glamourpuss needs a good grooming, including regular baths and daily brushing. With those Persian roots, this kitty’s fur tends to mat and tangle easily. This can lead to irritation, fragile skin, and pain over time. Having a regular grooming practice will keep your cat’s coat glossy and fluffy just like it is intended to be!

Prone to Health Issues

Exotics can be prone to more health issues than most other breeds primarily due to their face structures. Their constricted noses make it hard for them to breath and more prone to overheating. It is also important to wipe their face and eyes daily to keep them clean. It is common for this breed to experience more tearing than an average cat. If you forget to wipe their eyes, it can leave under-eye stains.


Another issue to consider is the litter box. Litter can become lodged in their tiny footpads and coat. Over time, if the litter box isn’t clean your Himalayan will stop using it altogether.

It is easy to see why these cats are in such high demand! The Himalayan isn’t one of the most popular breeds just for its good looks. The personality and companionship this breed shows is undeniable!