The Most Famous Cats in America Throughout History

There have been many famous animals throughout America’s history. Some famous in their own right and some catapulted into fame and fortune by way of their pet parents. Often overlooked, cats have always had their own special place in the history books, on the internet, and through television.

While there have been many that have left their mark on the masses, these are our some of the most famous famous cats throughout history that are our favorites.

abecatdixieTabby – The First White House Cat 

Abraham Lincoln was the first president to bring a cat to the office. When Lincoln took the oath as president, his son Tad asked to bring his cat Tabby to the nation’s capitol and Lincoln gladly agreed. Tabby became the first “First Cat,” who was soon joined by Dixie. Lincoln, known to be very fond of cats and all animals, once remarked that Dixie, “is smarter than my whole cabinet.”

Oscar – The Therapy Cat 

Oscar is known by some as the therapy cat, but you may remember him as the cat who can predict when someone will pass away. He became famous in a story that appeared on national news highlighting Oscar’s ability to predict when patients at the hospice where he lived were near passing by curling up next to them and laying with them until they passed on. He has been right 25 times.

socks catSocks – The Famous Politician

Socks was the cat of President Clinton’s family during his presidency. Socks became quite popular during Clinton’s term in office and is often referred to as the most famous white house cat in history. Socks had a big job at Pennsylvania Avenue, he hosted a children’s’ version of the White House website. Even today, a cartoon version of Socks still hosts the children’s version of the White House website. Former First Lady Hillary Clinton also wrote a children’s book featuring Socks in all his fame and glory.

Morris  – The Lover of Cat Treats

This orange tabby is the advertising mascot for cats everywhere. The original Morris was discovered in 1968 at a Chicago area animal shelter and went onto become the famous face behind 9Lives cat food. Morris has been represented by three cats since then, all selectively picked for their looks and morris-like demeanor, which was always narcissistic, finicky, fond of cat treats, and downright adorable.

grumpy-cat-600x450Tardar – The Grumpy Cat

Tardar has the most number of memes online out of any cat today, all referencing “Grumpy Cat.” She is undoubtedly the most famous cat in the new millennium phenomenon of internet fame. As her name implies, she has a very grumpy looking face, which has made her a surefire hit among millions of people and fans of cat memes online. Despite the grumpy image, Tardar’s parents assure her fans that she is actually a very sweet and loving kitty.

Delilah – The Glam Rock Cat

Delilah is a song by British Rock band Queen, written and sung by Freddie Mercury, which serves to honor Freddie’s cat Delilah. The song was originally released on Queen’s fourteenth studio album Innuendo in 1991, which was the last album recorded by Queen that included Freddie Mercury right before his passing.

all ball and kokoAll Ball  – Koko’s Kitten

All Ball’s claim to fame was when she was chosen by the famous gorilla, Koko as a pet. The world’s first socialized gorilla’s cat and their special relationship was a prominent feature in the documentary Koko’s Kitten. Koko named the kitten “All Ball” and cared for it as if it were a baby gorilla. Unfortunately, less than a year after Koko adopted All Ball, the cat got out and was hit by a car. When Koko’s trainer signed to her about the kitty’s passing, Koko signed “bad, sad, bad” and “frown, cry, frown, sad.” This type of response was well studied as definitive proof of human-like emotions in our primate cousins.