Top Ten Reasons to Give Your Cat a Hug Today!

Here kitty, kitty! If you haven’t done so, find your cat and give your furry friend a hug today. Sure there are treats and other ways to show your cat love, but there are a number of surprising reasons why giving your cat a hug not only helps you, but them as well. So let’s see what all this hugging business is about.

Strengthens the Bond Between You and Your Cat

Perhaps you are introducing a new kitty into the household or have put your time and attention elsewhere, leaving your cat feeling a little left out. Whatever the case may be, spending time and showing them you care helps them feel secure in their surroundings. With a gentle hug, it can help your cat feel comfortable and loved when you are around.


Hugs are Good for the Soul

A hug a day keeps those blues away! If you’re feeling a little melancholy lately, a hug is the perfect cure to help lift your spirits! Physical contact is proven to release the feel-good endorphins that everybody needs when they are feeling a bit blue.

Calms Nerves

Life can be hectic and sometimes it can stir our nerves into a frenzy! Let’s face it; hugging your cat is no tropical vacay… its better! Pick up your cat and give them a gentle squeeze to help relieve all that stress.

Good Kitty!

Cat’s can often be considered independent and aloof but in fact they are very much social beings. Offering love and affection can decrease negative and aggressive behavior. Sure there are times when your fur-baby just does not like to be touched, but when you get the chance, scoop them up and shower them with hugs. It could be the solution to raising a good kitty!


Cats Get Healthier

Cats have a highly developed sense of touch and depend on your interaction. Showing affection can actually enhance their moods, especially for single-cat households.

Provides a Sense of Security

Cats are very particular about the way things go in their day to day life. They are creatures of habit and can become very threatened and nervous. If you are planning a dramatic change in your life (baby, new cat, big move) then you need to kick things up a few notches and hug your cat when the opportunity presents itself to help them feel at ease and assured that everything is okay.

Purr-fect Way to Heal

Science has actually showed that the purr of a cat has healing powers. The sonic frequencies have a therapeutic effect for many illnesses and can help reduce pain. What’s more is the purr can help calm nerves and promote bone strength.


May Reduce Your Risk for a Heart Attack

Speaking of how the purr can heal, a recent study showed that cat owners have 40% less chance of having a heart attack. Just petting your cat and giving them a big old squeeze has the possibility of keeping your heart healthy!

Makes a Great Photo Op

It’s no secret that the best photos all start with one thing… your cat. Scoring a selfie with your fur-baby is no easy feat, but it’s well worth the effort.

Because We Love Them!

Hug your cat every day, sometimes twice a day, if not more! Hugging is a great way to non-verbally say – I love you!